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Basic : Exclusions from the Package


Borewell : Borewell is not included in the package.

Interiors : Interior Works are not included in the package.

Temporary Power :

  • Client must provide Temporary power for the construction

  • Temporary power renewal should be done by Client every month until the Construction of project is completed.

Water for Construction of the project :Required amount of Water for construction of the project should be provided by the Client OR 1% of total project cost will be charge towards water supply.

Compound wall & Gate : Compound wall and gate are excluded from the package.

External Drainage Works : External drainage and drainage cover slab not included in the package.

Government approvals :

  • Statutory approvals is excluded in the package.

  • Facilitation for approvals shall be provided free of cost . Client has to pay only actual cost incurred for approvals from the Government.

Breaking/drilling Rock : Rock breaking or drilling expenses will be borne by Client.

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