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Construction Management Services


1.Co-ordination with contractor to ensure execution of works as per design.
2. Construction material inspections.
3. To provide hardcopies of drawings to contractor.
4. Resolving drawing discrepencies, if any.
5. Regular site visits to ensure quality of works.
6. Advise client and contractor for selection of materials.
7. To identify and suggest client for specialized requirements.
8. Organize Progress review meetings on weekly basis.
9. To ensure cost control of the project.
10. Review interim payments to contractor based on thepercentage of work completion.

Design and Drawings



  • 2D floor plans.

  • 2D furniture layout.

  • 2D Working drawings.

  • Doors and window schedule.

  • 3D rendered view.

  • 2D elevation working drawings.

  • Center line marking drawings

  • Excavation drawings.

  • Footings and Columns drawings

  • Plinth beam drawings

  • Roof slab shuttering drawings

  • Roof slab reinforcement drawings

  • Roof slab and Beam drawings for each level

  • Staircase drawings.


  • Plumbing drawings.

  • Electrical drawings.

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